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August 1, 2010
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August 1, 2010

Why did it take so long for my part to arrive?

We had a customer who recently voiced her displeasure to me over waiting almost 4 weeks for a part! What in the world! I will find out why it took so long, and the offender will be punished! I’m so sorry.

During my investigation, I discovered that her part was ordered from China. Not much we could have done. That is horrible, and I wish we could have gotten it sooner.

75% of the replacement desktop parts we stock. 15% we can get in less than 3 days. The remaining 10% are either vendor proprietary or are only available from overseas. Since 95% of computer parts are manufactured overseas, that should not be much of a surprise.

The real waits are for laptop parts. We only stock 20% of replacement parts for those. Each laptop uses about 80% unique parts. That means your laptop may only take 1 specific part and there is no way we can stock them all. When that happens, we have to special order your part. 75% of the time, we can order from a domestic vendor. The wait for those types of parts is only 3-6 days. In the rare instances we have to special order a international part, the wait can be up to 6 weeks. Yes, six weeks.

We don’t like it anymore than our customers do. Some vendors offer expedited shipping, but all do not. For an additional $65 in shipping you can expedite a part coming from Hong Kong. Expensive. Sometimes we have to just wait………….

I personally hate having a laptop missing a $15 part that has been sitting for 3 weeks.