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March 14, 2021
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March 27, 2021

Windows Update Policy

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Computers are among the few things that get improved after the purchase. A microwave, fridge, dishwasher, and HVAC are exactly the same years later unless you spent money to upgrade.

With Windows, Microsoft releases updates and fixes years (and years) after your initial purchase. Most of the updates are to keep your system safe. As hackers find way to defeat the security, Microsoft releases fixes to stop them. It is a cat and mouse game, but this fight is fought for you by Microsoft. All we need to do is install the updates!

Our managed and monitored clients receive security updates and fixes automatically. We test and install security updates on a daily and weekly basis to keep your systems protected.

We don’t use the built in Windows update system for updates. It isn’t always reliable, so we use our own tool. Since we don’t use the built-in Windows update system, it will often say something like “last update ran 90 days ago”. The Windows update system is speaking about itself, and the last time it ran updates, not the last time updates were actually installed. I saw a system once that said “never checked for updates” even though it installed updates just the day before and the week before that.

Our automatic update tool does have limitations. It cannot install updates when a computer is turned off. Laptops are a real challenge. Consider these 2 instances:

Scenario 1) Our update tool is scheduled to run at 9PM every Tuesday and Thursday. The laptop is off every Tuesday and Thursday night. In essence, the updates never run.

Scenario 2) Updates are scheduled to run Wednesday and Friday at 4PM and the laptop is scheduled to reboot at 11PM. The laptop is off (or sleep) each night at 11PM so it never reboots and never completes the updates.

If a laptop goes too long without installing updates, we’ll email the user and ask them to leave the laptop plugged in to install all its updates. With hundreds of systems to protect, we spend more time on updates than anything else.

There is a second type of Microsoft update. This update is more like a software upgrade. Microsoft calls these “Feature Updates”. Instead of upgrading to Windows 11, we get Windows 10 Version 20H2. The feature updates are BIG and sometimes problematic. They require enough hard drive space, enough ram, and a fast enough processor. if not, the system can crash, or be come unusable.

We do not install all feature updates automatically. We can’t have your staff showing up to work and all their computers are down because a feature update was too big and the system is unusable.

Many computers are too old for the latest feature updates and must be upgraded or replaced. To have the latest feature updates installed for your staff, please contact our customer care team. Feature updates are treated as computer upgrade projects that requires planning and care.