Business IT Support

Minimize downtime. Maximize uptime. That’s our motto.

For the past two decades, advancing technology has unquestionably enhanced the way we conduct day-to-day business.

A stable, reliable and secure IT system means efficient operations and optimized productivity, service, and communications. It fosters greater opportunity and increased revenue potential.


Here's What Our Customers Have To Say

We earn our reputation by taking great care of our customers every day.

Computers are wonderful, I am old enough to remember life without them. They are wonderful until they break down. My first hard drive crash on my desk top was a disaster. My friend told me about Custom PC, they were able to save my information. On to laptops and the blue screen of death. Or the time I plugged something in where it shouldn’t have been plugged and instant black screen. What started out with me in total panic ended up being painless, I walked in without an appointment and left 15 minutes later with a smile on my face. Kamel also takes care of us at work. Things never crash at work at a good time. He has always shows up and saves the day. I would recommend, as I first was, to call Custom PC.

Brenda Jean

As a small business, there are certain information system safeguards you should have in place: a virus-avoidance policy, a data-protection policy, a data-recovery plan and a trusted service vendor to help you put these in place and be there when something inevitably goes wrong. I can recommend AllPro Technologies for cost-effective network consulting and installation, as well as for serving as your trusted service vendor to support your computer system repairs, back-ups and other network issues. They are local, reliable and work on-site to keep you up and running.

Jim D., CPA


For Tech Support, People Trust Us.

AllPro Technologies is your reliable and affordable IT support department. From home users, single person start-ups, and mid-sized companies, we have you covered.

Our Guiding Principles:

Great service                    Fast response times

Competitive pricing            Comprehensive coverage

Managed IT Services

No matter the size of your business, AllPro Technologies can handle all of your ongoing tech support needs.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan, and we'll recommend the right plan for yours.


Phone Systems

Make sure every business call comes through crystal-clear with our VOIP technology.


AllPro Technologies history

Serving Our Community Since 2002

AllPro Technologies was founded in 2002 out of a home office.

The company was founded on the same core philosophy of customer care and support that powers our business relationships today.