AllPro Technologies’ cloud services give you the best of both worlds:

All of the data storage you want and the access you need to email, calendars, contacts, and websites.


If your email doesn’t function, your business doesn’t function. We’ll make sure your email services are top-notch with best-in-class customer service (ours).


Sometimes, you need to retain important emails for legal purposes. Trust AllPro to set up the appropriate email retention policies that your business needs most.


Even though we thought fax machines would be defunct by now, they’re still a necessary evil. Get our affordable Fax to Email plan to maintain productivity (without the annoying fax machine sound effects).


We’ll ensure all of your employees’ devices are synced up to your cloud information, improving efficiency and data flow. With your data in the cloud, you can access your information when you need it, where you need it.

Find out how we can help your organization grow. Contact us today for a consultation on our web development or IT support services.


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Once again David Mercado to the rescue. Brilliant, ethical, a great teacher and also entertaining. As before the problems resolved quickly,correctly and the cost very reasonable. Feel free to see my review from last year..the reason I return.

James Cameron

I was happy with everything that i got repaired. It was all fixed the way i wanted and i’m pleased with the results. My laptop is faster than it was. The virus is fully off my laptop. I’ll go back there next time i has problems with my laptop again.

Josh Leighman


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