IT Support and Consulting

If you run a business, it is hard to get by without technology. Even for the hand made items, you need computers to;

  1. Send and receive email
  2. Print invoices
  3. Ship product
  4. Send and receive faxes
  5. Manage bank accounts and credit cards

If you run a business and do not have any computers, we would like to know how you do it. (Honestly) For everyone else, let me tell you how AllPro Technologies Computers helps Cincinnati business’s stay productive and competitive with technology.

AllPro Technologies Computers is a Cincinnati leader in computer networking, computer repair, server maintenance, and laptop service

When you have a computer problem you want it fixed now. You have customers waiting and you have employees getting paid with noting to do. The world doesn’t stop when your computer stops, and neither should your business.

While now support isn’t always possible, AllPro Technologies Computers does “Soon” very well. By soon we mean within a few hours. With our networking IT service plans we are guaranteed to be there by a certain time. No guesswork required.

Now support is often available using remote desktop support. We can dial in, and start work on the problem without leaving the office. Remote support works well for software and configuration problems. Remote support doesn’t work well for internet or computer networking problems.

On-Site Computer networking and support

Business and production computer systems require onsite service and repair. If you run a company with only one or two computers, you may be able to unhook them and bring them in. That works well as long as the problem isn’t network related.

Most business computers are part of a system. Those system include;

  1. Workstations
  2. Servers
  3. Printers
  4. POS systems
  5. Network storage
  6. Wireless access points

Business Computer networking in Cincinnati

The computers in the system need to function as a team with the other computers and equipment. Separating the system will not grantee the issue is resolved, until the computer is put back into the system and tested. With our on-site services, we come to you, and repair the problem there. No need for you to unhook anything, no need to move anything, just contact us, and we’ll come out

We repair all types of makes and models

A business rarely has all of the same types of computers. As a business grows, we get what we need when we need it. What you purchased a few years ago, doesn’t exist today. After a few years you end up with a myriad of brands and types. AllPro Technologies understands and is ready for this. We repair and maintain (almost) all computers across a wide spectrum of operating systems, and manufacturers. We work on all the major brands and most off brands as well.

We have you covered. We repair and maintain;

  • Dell
  • IBM / Lenovo
  • Sony
  • Apple
  • Acer
  • HP / Compaq
  • Custom Systems
  • Emachine / Gateway

Anticipating business networking needs

Are you in a growth mode? Are you adding employees? Are you consolidating employees and positions?

AllPro Technologies Computers can help you attain your long and short term goals. We can provide helps with things like;

  • You may need files and programs moved from one machine to another
  • You are moving into a bigger office
  • You need more networking equipment
  • You need better IT equipment
  • Employees are separating duties
  • You are rolling out a new software and your IT equipment needs to be upgraded

These are the things things we deal with each and every day. If your business is going well, you are probably growing. With that growth comes the need for new “stuff”. New people, new rules, new equipment. We help make the growth in the IT department orderly and logically.

Don’t overspend on networking things you don’t need. Don’t underspend on things you will need in the near future. Once we get a feel for how you operate, we can accurately anticipate your network IT needs. We can start to save you money by shaping for budget to meet you long term plan for IT growth and expansion.

Network security a concern?

Different users need different access. You don’t want production in accounting. You don’t want the marketing department snooping in HR’s computers. You have private files on the owners computer that nobody else should have access to. You want (need) to keep your network safe from hackers and competitors.

Network security is a big issue and should be at the top of any IT to-do list. It is not an easy thing, but it is a necessary thing. AllPro Technologies Computers can help secure your files, data, people, and equipment from outside and inside hackers and snoopers.

Data backup and network recovery

Hopefully you have a disaster plan, and are ready to implement it on a moments notice. You know where everything is, and how you will get back up and running.

When you are down, your customers can’t buy from you, and you don’t make any money. If you are a non-profit, money making isn’t the goal, but you may no longer have the ability to serve your clients fully. Neither of which is what we want.

With a good data backup and network recovery plan, you can be ready for anything. Sure the place might burn down or get flooded out, but you can mark data recovery off your list of worries. Just give us the new address, and we’ll head over with your new equipment and get things back in order.

We have multiple tiers for data backup and recovery depending on how critical the data is. We can provide;

  1. On-site data backup to internal or external hard drives
  2. On-site backup to tape drives
  3. Off-site backup to secure servers that are PCI / DSS compliant

Don’t let network backups and recovery keep you up at night. Let it keep us up at night.

AllPro Technologies is your technology partner

Let’s sit down and discuss all of what we can do for your small business. With everything from new computers, laptops, and servers to maintenance for Mac’s we have you covered. We build and maintain websites, provide exchange email hosting, and perform premium spam filtering.

There are a few things we don’t do. If that is the case we will point you in the right direction. For everything else, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can be of assistance to your and your business.