Workstation repairs

A business computer or workstation has different needs than a residential computer. A residential computer usually exists on its own. It is not part of a network, it does not talk to the other computers. A business computer or workstation is part of a team. That team works together to carry out the day to day work that goes on in your business.

When a team member isn’t performing at 100%, the entire project suffers. Our job is to keep your team running as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Business computers and workstations are usually designed as workhorses. They get used all day (sometimes night) and there is nothing worse than an employee on the payroll without a computer to work on.

Custom-PC understands the unique situation that small business owners face. A down computer is like a sick employee. Things don’t get done, deadlines are not met, scheduling is delayed, and revenue could be lost.

We can repair or replace almost any part in a workstation or desktop computer. Our repair services includes:

  1. Replacing hard drives
  2. Replacing bad ram
  3. Installing new optical drives (dvd / cdrw)
  4. Upgrading and replacing video cards
  5. New power supplies and motherboards
  6. UPS backup batteries and external hard drives
  7. Can’t access shared resources
  8. Cant access shadow copies
  9. Cant send faxes through the server
  10. Slow login
  11. Slow network drives
  12. Network drives disconnected

Don’t let a malfunctioning desktop workstation distract your business from it’s primary function.