Desktop computer tune up

Is your computer running slower these days? Do you wish it would get done with what it’s doing, so you can get on to what you want to do?

Sounds like you could use a Computer Tune Up. We can clean up, remove, clear out, and evict those unwanted programs. Our Computer Tune Up removes things like unnecessary files, unused pages, and other random junk that has accumulated in your computer.

You may not believe it, but your computer really does work for you. (Or it will when we are done!) It should be doing what you want it to do, and not what it wants to do. Let us help you remind your computer of who paid for who. A Computer Tune Up is exactly what you need.

Who is the boss?

The problem is that over the years the more programs you install, and the more updates you do, your computer sometimes forgets who is boss. Each and every program you install wants the computer to work for it. Every time you install a new program (me) want to be the boss. It tells the computer to start “me” when it first turns on. It tells the computer to update “me” when you first connect to the internet. It tells your computer to prompt you to use “me” when you open something that you could be using “me” for. I’m sure you have seen it. All of a sudden you get a pop-up that asks;

“Do you want to use “me” for your default mail program?

“Don’t you want “me” to be your main picture program?”

“Don’t you want “me” to be your security scanner?

Even when your computer has all these jobs covered already, “me” wants to take over and become the boss. If this behavior is unacceptable to you, come on in for a Computer Tune Up, and we will put you back in the drivers seat.

Become the boss again.

With our Computer Tune Up we reclaim the boss title and give it back to you. Run only the programs you want, when you want it. Don’t let your computer decide what to do, you decide. Our Computer Tune Up;

  • Installs critical Windows updates (Keeps you secure)
  • Cleans up your hard drive (Removes the junk)
  • Cleans up your temp files (Remove more junk)
  • Cleans up your page file (Removes more junk from another room)
  • Cleans up your unused programs (Removes…you get the picture)
  • Defragments your hard drive (Organizes whats left)
  • Removes unwanted background programs
  • Removes of unwanted start-up applications (Those things that run when you turn the computer on)
  • Optimize your system to improve performance
  • Provide valuable consultation & advice regarding your computing needs (A nice report of where your computer stands)
  • Clean out dust, particles, and debris from your desktop or *laptop (*Laptop models where the CPU is accessible from the bottom)

Ready for action

Ready to be the boss again? Ready to remind your computer who pays the bills? Ready to be productive? Our Computer Tune Up takes about 24 hours. In most cases, your machine is ready the very next day. Our comprehensive Computer Tune Up is only $45.00 Small price, big gains.

Give us a call today and get ready to be the boss of your computer again.