The Golden Buckeye Card can earn you a discount on dinner, computer repair, a tattoo, or a new transmission. “We have 15,000 businesses across the state, not counting the pharmacies,” said Cindy Clark, manager of the Golden Buckeye program. “The restaurants probably get used the most frequently, then pharmacies. The next biggest is state park campgrounds, which give a 50 percent discount through the week. Very popular spring through fall.”

At last count, about 2.4 million Ohioans had Golden Buckeye cards, with about 15,000 new cards issued every month. “We send cards out automatically as they turn 60, “ Clark said. “We purchase the list — we call it our birthday list — from the department of motor vehicles.”

If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can get an application for a Golden Buckeye Card at any Stark County library or senior citizens center. Or you can call 800-422-1976.

AllPro Technologies gives seniors with the Golden Buckeye Card a 10% discount off any of our services. This includes repairs, delivery, training, antivirus subscriptions, etc. Just show your card to get the discount!