With it’s impressive screen, and fast Intel processors, this is the best all in one machine you can buy. The iMac comes in sizes ranging from 17-24″.

What goes wrong

The biggest issues we run into on the iMacs are the hard drives. Not that it is apple’s fault, hard drives have been the biggest failure point in computers for years. The die, click, and churn until the finally die.

When you are faced with a bad hard drive on your iMac, dont fret, you still have options.

We can replace your damaged hard drive. Usually by this time you are ready for an upgrade to a bigger drive anyway. We can migrate your data to a new drive. We have great success with data recovery in house or through external means.

We sometimes run into memory errors. This is rare as memory has become so reliable over the years. We are more likely to upgrade your memory than replace it because it was faulty.

Why upgrade the memory? More speed of course. Beyond speed you get to open more programs at a time. The more memory your iMac has, the more things it can do at once.

One f the more expensive repairs would be to replace a broken screen. This is usually not the iMac’s fault, but the cat, dog, or careless kid around the house. The poor iMac falls (gets pushed) and breaks.

This can be a costly repair depending on the size of the screen. Even the smaller screen sizes are not cheap. One of the best features of the iMacs are the gorgeous, vivid HD screens. They are not cheap to replace.

If you are having a problem with your iMac, weather is it software or hardware related, give us a call. We will get your iMac “Back” to the way it was.