What could possibly be the king of modern laptops, the Macbook Pro does it all.

With its Bright crisp screen, smooth trackpad, and gently keyboard, the Macbook pro has it all. I know you didn’t come here to hear me tell you all the reasons you bought it, you probably need help getting it working again.

There are a few different models of the Macbook Pro.

Black keyboard

  • 13″
  • 15″
  • 17″

Silver keyboard

  • 15″
  • 17″

What goes wrong

Hard drives again make the list of top failures. When they go out, your beautiful Macbook Pro becomes an very expensive paperweight. We can help get your Macbook Pro working again with;

  • Data migration
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Data recovery

We also run into the issue of broken screens. A straightforward problem with a simple solution.

The most complex and expensive repairs are to the logic board. When you have a bad logic board you can experience issues such as;

  • Distorted video
  • Freezing
  • Malfunctioning ports
  • USB Issues
  • Overheating
  • Wireless problems
  • Kernel Panics
  • Other weird problems


With a bad logic board you have two options. Repair or replace. We will evaluate your Macbook Pro and let you know what the best solution is for your situation.

Another common problem is cracks and damage to the Macbook pro case. These are not usually repairable and must be replaced.