Portable computers are the newest products to hit the computer market.

They are used primarily for web applications and media. Tablets are lightweight and portable, and they do many of the online functions with ease.

Tablets are not quite laptops, but bigger, much bigger than a smart phone. Tablets are mostly touchscreen and plastic casings. That and a battery.

We have received a few calls asking who fixes these things.  After discovering that nobody is quite set-up to repair them, we are ready and willing to put our years of experience on desktops, laptops, gaming systems, and smartphones to use on repairing and maintaining tablets.

We have not had any to repair yet, but we expect the demand to arrive very shortly. So what could go wrong with tablets? We expect the following issues;

  • Broken screens
  • Dead batteries
  • Broken cases
  • Broken USB and power jacks
  • Software issues
  • Virus & spyware problems

As these new gadgets continue to flood the market, we are here to repair them.