Tablet service, setup, configuration, and repair in Cincinnati

Is it a PC? Is it a laptop? What exactly is it?

A tablet can be loosely described as a laptop that doesn’t fold, and doesn’t have a keyboard.You use it entirely by touch screen technology. It does almost everything a laptop can do, just not quite as fast (yet).

Tablets are the newest edition to the ever evolving arsenal of computing devices. They are a great complement to any desktop or smartphone. They will one day take up a considerable share of our current laptop sales.

Sometimes a pain right?

Along with that portability comes a price. Tablet computers are built with the least amount of material as possible. The goal is to make them more portable by being very lightweight.

Tablets are not as rugged and reliable as desktop computers. They are not built tough, will not survive too many impacts with the floor, and will show wear and tear from even the smallest injury. A small drop can equal a big crack. A well placed book can easily cause a cracked LCD screen.

We still love our tablets thought, and AllPro Technlogies will be right here to make sure a damaged tablet doesn’t ruin your vacation or business proposal.

So what can you do when your tablet gets broken?

You can start by calling us. We are working on becoming the local experts at tablet service and repair.

How come we are not experts already? We just haven’t seen very many tablets yet. They have only been mainstream for 18 months or so. Most are still under factory warranty. With each passing day we get more and more calls for tablet repair and in no time we will be able to call ourselves experts on tablets to match our expertise on desktops, laptops, netbooks, and servers.

We have a smooth and painless process for tablet service and repairs.

  1. You bring your tablet in and we take a quick look to see the damage and recreate the problem
  2. We give you a simple and clear invoice with either a diagnostic or a repair estimate
  3. We evaluate your tablet to find out what is causing the symptom you are reporting
  4. We call you with the good (or bad) repair news. We list your options and advise you on the best course of action
  5. We install the parts you need to get your tablet back to perfect health
  6. We thoroughly test the tablet to make sure it is working properly. We look for other obvious signs of trouble while we have it
  7. We call you to come in, test your tablet, and ensure the problem is fixed to your liking.
  8. We collect payment, and send you home happy!

AllPro Technlogies repairs tablets as well as we repair desktop and laptop computers. The parts are sometimes harder to get, but the end result is the same. You get your tablet returned to you in perfect working order.

We can repair all type of issues with tablet including:

  1. Cracked or broken LCD screens
  2. Dim screens with no video or display
  3. Broken and loose power jacks
  4. Error Screens
  5. Problems with internet and wireless
  6. Damaged USB ports
  7. A tablet that will not come on
  8. A tablet that shuts down often

AllPro Technlogies has extensive capabilities for tablets. Have need for laptop or notebook repair?