Refurbished and used laptops

We are often asked, what makes a laptop used or refurbished? The short answer is when something on it has been changed or upgraded. When it comes to used laptops, there is usually a reason why it comes into our possession. People don’t just drop off perfectly working computers out the goodness of their hearts!

How we acquire our used laptops

We acquire our stock of used laptops from 3 primary sources. The primary source are systems that were brought in for repair and the customer chooses not to repair. Either the laptop repair was too costly or they just want a new machine instead. We often recycle the too old laptops for spare parts.

We also gain stock from piecing together non working systems. If we have 3 non-working laptops, we can usually turn those into 1 nice working unit. Sometimes we have to stick more RAM in or update the operating system to make it retail ready.

We also buy good, high quality, reconditioned units from our vendors. These used laptops are usually off-lease models that are 2-4 years old. Off-lease models are the byproduct of a corporate replacement schedule. Big companies like to replace their fleet of laptops on a set schedule. They lease hundreds of laptops for a few years, and then trade up for newer models. The “off-lease” units are returned to the leasing company, who in turn sell them to companies like us.

Benefits of off-lease Laptops

Big companies often spend big bucks to get faster, newer hardware. Off-lease units are usually towards the high end of what was available at the time of the lease. This means you get a laptop that cost $1000.00 4 years ago today for $400.00. In many cases, these machines are bigger, faster, and better than a new entry level model you can buy for just a few dollars more.

Used laptop Warranties

The only real downside to used laptops are the warranty. With a new laptop you usually get a 1 year warranty, with a used laptop you get a 90 day warranty (from us). If a laptop is too old, or too shabby where we don’t feel confident in the 90 day warranty, we do not sell it.

A used laptop should not be junk, and if it will not last 90 days, then it is junk. Don’t let anyone convince you to buy junk. Save your money and buy something quality. Buying junk over and over again just costs you more in the long run.

Used laptop inventory

Our used laptops move rather fast. They are priced great ($195-375) and they usually don’t last long once listed on our website. You can always see the available used laptop inventory here.

Take action.

If you are in the market for a high quality, used laptop, you have come to the right place. We refuse to sell junk, and all our systems come with a great warranty. Check out our online inventory and see if there is one that will suit your needs.

Used laptops make great gifts for kids and grandparents!