AllPro Technologies | Computer Repair Cincinnati

Residential computers have different repair needs than a business computer. Our computer repair services are the perfect fit for your residential computer needs.

A residential system usually exists on its own. It is not part of a business network. It doesn’t generally need to talk to the other computers. Home systems may not need the advanced networking and file sharing setups that businesses require.

When it comes to computer repair, residential computers are easier to fix, and simpler to maintain.

AllPro Technologies understands the unique situation that residential computer owners face. The computer may be your beloved link to the outside world. For some, it is the only link. Who can live without their email, family photos, banking, tax returns, and facebook.  Someone’s entire life could be on their computer. We repair computers for many shut-ins who too sick or disabled to go outside.

What would you do if your computer needed service?

You can start by calling us!

We provide help for people needing computer repair in Cincinnati. AllPro Technologies is a local company with computer repair facilities setup for walk in service. You can drop your computer off anytime for repair or service anytime we’re open.

Computer repair examples

We can repair or replace almost any part in a  desktop computer. Our repair services include:

  1. Replacing hard drives
  2. Replacing bad ram
  3. Installing new optical drives (dvd / cdrw)
  4. Upgrading and replacing video cards
  5. New power supplies and motherboards
  6. Fixing Blue Screens
  7. Virus and spyware removal
  8. Data backups and recovery
  9. No sound
  10. No display
  11. USB Ports that don’t work
  12. Upgrading to the current operating system

Get Cincinnati computer repair

We have a smooth and hassle-free procedure to get your computer repair done fast.

  • You bring your laptop in and we take a quick look to see the damage and recreate the problem
  • We evaluate your laptop to find out what is causing the symptom you are reporting
  • We call you with the good (or bad) repair news. We list your options and advise you on the best course of action
  • We install the parts you need to get your laptop back to perfect health
  • We thoroughly test the system to make sure it is working properly. We look for other obvious signs of trouble while we have it
  • We call you to come in, test your laptop, and ensure the problem is fixed to your liking
  • We collect payment, and send you home happy!

Don’t let a malfunctioning desktop PC keep you from enjoying time with your family. Give us a call and we’ll handle it all. You can trust in AllPro Technologies for Cincinnati Computer repair!