What are computer supplies?

We all use computer supplies. These are the “other” pieces you need to make computers work fully. Computer supplies can be anything from USB Cables to printer ink. If you have a computer and run low on supplies, we can get you restocked.

What supplies do I need for my inkjet printer?

If you have an inkjet printer, you will need replacement ink cartridges. Most inkjets are color so you will have either a tri-color ink cartridge and a black ink cartridge, or multiple color ink cartridges and a black ink cartridge. This really depends on your printer model. When you contact us, just let us know what model printer you have and we can give you all the ink options available.

Other supplies for an inkjet printer include Cleaning Cartridges. Cleaning cartridges contain a powerful cleaning fluid that is specially formulated to flush out inkjet inks and dissolve dried ink deposits. Designed to clean both aqueous pigment and dye based inks, cleaning cartridges are used in a printer just like a normal cartridge.

If you just purchased a printer you will also need a USB cable. Check your printer box to make sure it comes with one, if not, we can get one for you.

What supplies do I need for a laser printer?

For a monochrome (black and white) laser printer you usually have a single toner cartridge. This single toner supplies all the ink you need to print. On most color laser printers, you have multiple color toner cartridges similar to inkjet printers. Each toner produces a different color giving you sharp, crisp, vibrant prints.

Some laser printers have a maintenance kit that you can purchase. Some people refer to these as “fuser kits”. Maintenance kits contain a fusing assembly, rollers, and separation pads that frequently wear out in printers. If your printer display reads “PERFORM PRINTER MAINTENANCE” then your printer has reached its maintenance interval and a new maintenance kit should be installed.

For high end laser printers you also have PCL cards, Network cards, and UFR modules you can purchase. Once we find out which laser printer model you have, we can give you a list of all the options available for your printer.

What other computer supplies are there?

There are many other computer supplies people use for there everyday life. Things like;

  • Compressed air – Used for cleaning off keyboards and fans
  • Anti-microbial mouse pads and wrist pads
  • Monitor cleaning pads
  • Foam intake pads for computer cases

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