We know each business is unique. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to IT infrastructure and planning. Our consulting services will help you get the most out of your business network.

AllPro Technologies IT consulting service covers a wide range of applications and topics for the small business in Cincinnati. We can help ensure your technology keeps up with the speed of your business growth. You wouldn’t want a lackluster IT setup getting in the way of growth and opportunities.

What  is IT consulting?

Our IT consulting service is where we sit down and evaluate what you have, and listen to where you want to be. We ask a questions like;

  1. How many employees do you expect to hire in the next 2 years
  2. Do you have enough computers and equipment to meet today’s needs
  3. Is your wireless secure?
  4. When was the last time you tested your disaster recovery plan (you do have one right?)
  5. Is your network secure fom the web?
  6. Are you HIPPA compliant?

We also take a look around, and see if we can identify any problems clearly visible within your company’s IT setup that may be slowing growth, or impacting business productivity. Before we can begin any real planning, we take a focused look at all the relevant factors and see where improvements can be made. We then formulate a plan based on your rate of growth to get you were you want to be, on time and on budget.

During our initial IT consultant on-site visit, our goal is to answer in detail the previous questions and go a bit deeper to find out specific things like;

  • Do need more equipment?
  • Should you use off-site backup?
  • Could you use a faster website?
  • Will you need more phone lines and jacks?
  • Need a dedicated network connection?
  • Any consideration for security cameras?
  • Pondering a new blog for your business?
  • Looking to upgrade your current network?
  • Planning to add more storage capacity to your servers?
  • Are you required to use hard drive encryption?

We provide consulting services to a wide range of industries in and around Cincinnati including auto repair, HVAC, printing, retail, real estate, financial, jewelers, insurance, and many others.

As a service company we can provide;

  • Upgrades to servers , workstations, and laptops
  • 24/7 System monitoring for desktops, laptops, and servers
  • Increase your network security
  • Filter the web to increase productivity
  • Expand and secure your wireless
  • Set-up VPN and remote workers
  • Onsite and off site backups

Give us a call, and we’ll get right to work, first listening and then helping you plan.