Don’t be fooled by those companies that claim to offer a flat rate for in-home computer repair services no matter how long they’re there. Do you really want to miss a whole day of life while someone plays around with your computer? You shouldn’t have to be up all night while a unqualified service tech tinkers with your home computer. At AllPro Technologies, we like to get done, and get out, so you can get back to your life.

Why choose in-home service

There are many reason why in-home computer repair can be superior to in-store service;

  • Don’t want to unplug that computer?
  • Weather bad?
  • Don’t have a car / don’t drive?
  • Want to stay home with the family?
  • Plain ol’ lazy?
  • Disabled and don’t get around well?
  • Unable to carry your computer up and down the steps?
  • Would love personal one -on-one service and support?
  • Have a TON of questions?
  • Purchased new equipment and would like someone to hook it all up for you?

Let us come to you!

AllPro Technologies can save you time, energy, gas, and frustration. We will come to your home during normal business hours (8-6 Monday-Friday) for all types of computer repair, service, maintenance and support.

What can you do on-site?

While at your home we can perform many computer repair and support functions including:

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Parts replacement
  • Internet repairs
  • Wireless configuration and support
  • Email setup & maintenance
  • File and printer sharing
  • Router setup and configuration
  • Printer setup
  • Fax machine setup

Home Computer Repair – On-Site

Residential On-site service is $89/Hr. Each subsequent hour is billed by the minute. Our average home computer repair service time is a little under 2 hours.

When you call AllPro Technologies you are hiring the professionals. We are fast, effective, and affordable.

Don’t rush out for us, let us rush out to you.