Don’t be fooled by those companies that claim to offer a flat rate no matter how long they’re there. We provide expert on site repair for businesses and non profits. AllPro Technologies is a fast, affordable, and reliable choice for your outsourced IT department.

Do you really want to miss a whole day of productivity while someone plays around with your computer network? No business owner should be worried about an unqualified service tech tinkering around with your computers.

What makes our on site repair special

We are often called in to fix problems other service provides caused. If your company is unsatisfied with the current direction of your on site repairs, then it may be time to consider alternatives.

In many smaller companies, the youngest employee is the “IT” person. They sometimes find themselves in way over their head. They do the best they can, but they often end up guessing, often leaving a bigger mess than when they started. Small businesses are in a unique position. You don’t want to spend a lot, but without your computers, you may not be making any money at all.

We understand

We are perfectly suited to the small business customer. We are a small business customer ourselves. We have employees, a network of computers, shared printers, postage machines, and scanners. We also have copiers, printers, email, web sites, phone systems, data backup, invoicing, purchasing, billing, service techs, automated backup systems. Does this sound like your business?

Let us leverage the power and experience of professional on site repair services for your business. We have a multitude of experience maintaining and upgrading our own network, and a host of other small businesses and we pass that knowledge and experience on to you. We can provide;

  1. Virus and spyware removal
  2. Parts replacement
  3. Phone systems
  4. Repair internet connectivity
  5. Wireless configuration and support
  6. Email setup & maintenance
  7. File and printer sharing
  8. Email services
  9. Fax to email services
  10. Copy to email services
  11. Spam filters

Put us to work for you

AllPro Technologies has the skills, training, and expertise to assist with all your IT related issues. Time is money. AllPro Technologies helps you save both. When you bring us in to assist on site, we listen first, then chart the best possible course of action with your budget in mind.

Business On-site service is $159/Hr. Each subsequent hour is billed in 15 minute increments. Our regular clients enjoy discounts of up to 35% with our IT support plans.