When your computer is broken and it needs to stay in the shop for a few days, what do you use in the meantime? When you need a computer to finish that big project, or that school assignment, not having a computer for a few days can be very inconvenient.

Rental Laptops

AllPro Technologies offers rental laptops while your computer is in the shop. The laptop you receive will be a modern and capable machine with the latest copy of Microsoft office professional. The rental laptop will ensure you get your project or term paper done on time.


We have a daily and weekly rental rate. If you are going on a trip, you can save with our weekly rates. Ask an associate for current rental pricing. There is a deposit required, and insurance is available to cover most damages.


Our rental laptops are equipped with modern features like:

DVD player & Burner
SD card reader
SSD drives

Everything you need to be productive. For most, their rental will be faster than the laptop they had.