As more and more of our world relies on wireless, there comes a time to upgrade to better equipment that can be typically found in the big box stores. With the increase in streaming media and increasing use of the web for education purposes, you can’t afford to have your wireless depending on $50 hardware you can get at staples.

Enterprise Wireless for Home Users

Business always get the good stuff! Usually because their I.T. needs often make them money, they can afford to spend more on equipment that works faster, better, and is more reliable than what residential customers use.

Business class hardware costs more because it is built better. It is built to be longer lasting and more reliable because businesses demands it. Being down in a business for even a short while can mean loss of revenue. To mitigate this, a smart business buys business class hardware and equipment to get the job done.

After a product has been on the market for a while, the price starts to drop. After a few years you can get business class hardware for what you would pay for high end consumer hardware.

Business Class Advantages

Business class wireless has 3 distinct advantages;

  1. More reliable
  2. Higher speeds
  3. More features

The feature we use the most on the residential side is the ability to have multiple SSID’s (wireless names). This feature can be leveraged in the home by having a separate network for the parents, kids, and guests.

If you want to control how much time your kids spend on the internet, the network called “Kids” will turn on and off on schedule. If they are supposed to be in bed by 10, the wireless cuts off at 10. If they get to stay up later on Fridays, we can set it to turn off at 11. If you want to make sure the first thing they do when they get up for school isn’t jump on Facebook, schedule it to come on around 6pm, after homework and chores are done!

Due to its business class nature, we can even lower the available speeds for the kids network. If you only have 10M of bandwidth, we can limit the kids network 2-4M making sure there is available bandwidth for the adults who pay the bill.

This is just one examples of how powerful business class features can be used in a home. There are many uses that we can tailor to many situations.

Mesh Wireless

If you have a large home it can be difficult to get wireless in every corner of your home. No matter where you put your residential class router, it usually doesn’t reach to the other end or the other floors of your home.

Leveraging advanced wireless mesh technology, we can place a second wireless access point (WAP) on the other side of your home or on your second floor to extend the wireless to that portion of the house. Mesh technology enables one large extended network with the same wireless settings available anywhere in your home.

Have a McMansion? We can install 3-5 WAP’s to cover the entire property. Remember we are using the same technology used in hospitals, airports, warehouses, and conference centers to blanket your home with wifi ability. Proven, scalable, reliable.

Without mesh technology we would have to run cables through your home to get wireless in the other areas. Enterprise wireless keeps construction prices low and wifi range high.

Feature Management

Once the system is setup, you don’t have to manage it on a daily basis. You get a login link where you can login and see how many people are on, who is downloading the most, and can block users if necessary. You can also manage wireless passwords and names in the same system. It is completely web based, so you can login from anywhere and make changes if you wish.

Wireless Installation

This is the best part. If you are getting more than 1 WAP, simply plug the parent unit into your existing router. Then plug the child unit on the opposite side and floor of your home. They are preconfigured and ready to go with the settings you give us. They are already setup to talk to each other and distribute business class wireless around your home.

Relying on the same technology we use to support our commercial clients, we can easily ship out a WAP to a client’s remote facility ready to go. All they have to do is plug it in. We don’t have to ship it to you, you simply come pick it up from one of our stores.


All this advanced power and features can be yours for $135 per WAP. Cost include setup of up to 4 SSID’s and passwords. Just tell us now many you need and what settings to program and you are done.