Some areas of town seem to have internet issues every time is rains. Sometimes the internet gets slow, other times it stops working all together. If your business depends on the internet to get the job done, then you need Backup iNet to keep working, even when the internet is down.

When the Internet is Critical

As more and more of what we do moves online, you can feel disconnected when your internet is down. If your primary means of customer communication is email, then not having the internet could be costing you money. If having no internet means sending everybody home (with pay) then you need backup internet to keep things running at the office.

How Backup iNet Works

We install a cellular modem capable of 4G LTE speeds (where available.) We connect this modem to your network as a fail-over internet source. It only becomes active when your primary internet goes down. While using the backup network, your internet will run at 1-2Mbps which is just enough to keep critical internet activities running until your main internet connection starts working again.

When your primary internet connection starts working, the system will automatically switch and start using it again.

What’s the catch

Backup iNet is what you need if stable, working internet is critical to your business. The only catch, you need the right network equipment to take advantage of the automatic fail-over.  You need a router/firewall that can handle 2 internet connections, and probe both sources to make sure they are live. Many small businesses do not have the right equipment, so they have to do a few upgrades before they can move forward.