Any file that has only 1 copy, is a file you don’t care about.

Computers are still just hunks of metal and plastic. If not for their ability to manipulate data, they would be expensive paperweights. Your computer stores data, computes, collates, compiles, and sorts data for you. Then we use computers to share that data with vendors, customers, friends, or colleagues.

Computers are machines, and like all mechanical and electrical creations, their lifetime is finite. Eventually a computers’ hard drive will fail. It is a question of when not if it will fail. To protect our data, we should do regular backups.

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There are only 3 basic ways to accomplish this:

  1. Manual backup, using either an external hard drive, USB flash drives, or with writable CD/DVD’s.
  2. Semi-automatic backup using a tape backup system or an external hard drive with backup software.
  3. A fully automated backup system consisting of RAID and a combination of local and off-site data storage.

Which solution is right for you?

Cloud Backup

If you’ve ever lost family photos, videos, music files or tax return information stored on your computer, you know how upsetting and frustrating a computer or hard drive crash can be.

AllPro Technologies offers peace of mind with secure online storage and backup for its business and residential customers. Customers are now able to back up and protect the files on their personal or business computers from devastating losses that can occur with computer crashes or unintentional deletions.

As we convert more and more of our personal lives to digital only copies and memories, it becomes imperative to protect these critical assets from accidental deletion, system crashes, theft or fire. Cloud Backup provides our customers with their own virtual hard drive, where they can protect those files that are most important to them.

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