The only thing worse than losing something accidentally, is losing something on purpose.

You need a data backup plan, before you need an actual data backup.

If you’ve ever lost family photos, videos, music files, databases, word documents, elaborate spreadsheets, important emails, or tax return information stored on your computer, you know how upsetting and frustrating a computer or hard drive crash can be.

Complete data protection

AllPro Technologies is offering peace of mind with secure storage and backup services for its commercial and residential customers. Customers are now able to back up and protect the files on their personal or business computers from devastating losses that can occur with computer crashes or unintentional deletions.

As we convert more and more of our lives to digital copies and memories, it becomes imperative to protect these critical assets from accidental deletion, system crashes, theft or fire. We have a unique understanding of the problems associated with many data backup solutions.

For example, many people back their data up to either the same computer or the same physical location. Data backed up in this manner is subject to loss due to fire, flooding, earthquakes, electrical surges or even computer viruses. Data lost due to these factors is often gone forever with no chance for data recovery.

The cost of the business class backup solutions is often unaffordable and unnecessary for residential customers. You don’t need as much protection, and not as often.

Commercial online backup

A comprehensive backup solution is our online-remote backup system. This backs your PC to the “cloud” where it can safely live with the protection for all dangers including, theft, water, fire, equipment failure, accidental deletions and other unforeseen events.

Residential customers can stop reading here. Unless you have some really important stuff, or your work from home, then read on!

Small business and commercial customers usually need a bit more in terms of reliability, robustness, and an overall business class service.

Having an external hard drive connected to each workstation takes much too long to administer. You don’t know which employee did a backup when, if it worked, if it will work when you need it, if the hard drive is still reliable and more. You will spend more time tying to create and maintain your backups then you will spend making data to backup.

Business have a few more options when it comes to data backup, and not just because you have a bigger budget. We can leverage the power of your existing network to carry out these daily or weekly backups system wide to cut down on maintenance costs and overhead.

There are essentially 3 backup types we provide.

  1. Non hardware failure backup. This is a quick recovery from local copies. This works great for software errors, and virus issues.
  2. Hardware failure backups. This takes a bit more time but is faster than a system wide re-install. This can restore AD, Exchange, and shared files, settings, and printers. This usually involves replacing the faulty hardware first, then reloading the backup data and images.
  3. Disaster recovery. This is usually after a fire, flood, tornado, or theft. This is the longest and most expensive recovery. Is usually involves new equipment and any backup will be only partially effective. The backups will not go directly in because we will most likely have all new equipment and we will have compatibility issues. Your data is safe, we just have to decide the best way to get you back up and running.

As a business you can create virtual copies of files. Ever accidentally overwritten a file? Saved one with the same file name but different data on it? The old one is probably gone forever. If you had a functioning VSC (volume shadow copy) system you can bring back that file from yesterdays version or even from last weeks version.

An external hard drive mounted inside your server will cost less than multiple drives connected to each workstation. We can use the power of your network to schedule daily backups for safe storage.

The remote cloud option is best for mission critical files. These are the ones that you cant live without. There are the files that if lost, can almost put you out of business. The cloud is the best place for these. No fuss, no mess backup solution that runs daily ensuring your critical files are safe, secure, and ready for business each and every day.

As you see there are many types of backup and recovery options. One size does not fit all, each customer is unique, each business special. Lets talk about your backup plan and make sure you are you ready for the unthinkable.