Fax machines aren’t dying off as fast as we thought they would.

No matter what your business is, someone wants to send you a fax every now and again. Buy why do you still have a fax machine?

  • Why keep a fax machine plugged in using electricity 24/7 just to received 5 faxes a month?
  • Why pay for the additional phone line?
  • Why pay for the ink to print faxes you don’t need printed?
  • Why pay for the paper printing every fax you receive?
  • Why miss a fax because it is sitting at your office and not in your email?

We will refrain from discussing the vacation club offers you waste paper and ink printing that you never asked for.

Get your faxed delivered to your email

There is a better way to get your faxes. You can have them delivered right to your email. When someone sends a fax to your faxmail number, they come to your email as a pdf attachment.

With our faxmail program;

  • You get a local number
  • Faxes are delivered to the email of your choice
  • Receives faxes anywhere you can check your email from

$19 for 3000 faxes


Just .8c per fax if you exceed your included pages. You could go over by 20 pages and only pay $1.60 more.


Need to send those faxes to more than 1 user? Add an additional delivery address for only $1

Receive more than 3000 faxes a month? Contact us for a custom quote.