Never Lose a File Again

Get peace of mind knowing your files are backed up securely in the cloud. Backup 500G of data on your PC or Mac for just $25/month. Need more space? Upgrade to 1000G of backup for $35/month.

Fully managed backups

We actively monitor and make sure your backups are running, and on schedule. If too many days go by without a successful backup, we contact you to find out what is going on. Not only do you have the software sending you weekly reports, you get another layer of protection with our managed backup.

Automatic daily backups

AllPro Cloud will automatically backup all your files including documents, photos, music and movies. Your daily schedule runs when you want it to.

Backup everything

Fast backup speed

Restore and Access

You can download a free restore of 1 file or all your files anywhere in the world. There is an option to have a 128 GB flash drive ($99) FedEx’d to you or an external drive up to 4 TB ($189).


Personal Key

You can use a personal encryption key for additional security. If you lose your password, AllPro will be unable to recover your data.


All your files are encrypted before being transmitted over SSL and stored encrypted.

More Awesomeness

Restore multiple versions up to 30 days
Automatic or scheduled backups
Backup external drives
Be notified of your backup status
Set your own upload speed limits

Weekly Archiving

Archiving is a requirement for those shops that fall under compliance regulations, such as HIPAA in the U.S., or similar rules in other countries that cover financial and health care related companies. What is a requirement for some, should be a best practice for others. A good archive means data you thought was insignificant two years ago can be retrieved when it suddenly becomes critical.

AllPro Cloud is set up with a mechanism to clear certain files after 28 days. But it just as easy to archive these files just by marking backup sessions as ‘archived’. Once so marked, this backup will never be deleted up to and until that designation is altered.

Local Speed Vault

Hybrid cloud backup is today’s hot ticket when it comes to data protection and disaster recovery. Here you maintain a level of disk backup in your shop, but have an additional tier in the cloud. Sounds simple. But to work properly you need the right technology that can keep these two backup systems in total sync. AllPro Cloud solves this problem with Local Speed Vault, a software tool that backs your data to the cloud and your local disk at the same time. The local storage/backup tier can be on an array of devices, including a network share, USB drive, Network Attached Storage (NAS), or a client machine.

AllPro Cloud offers further magic when it comes time to restore your data. Since you have two places to restore from, AllPro Cloud will help figure out the best way to restore, be it over the LAN or from the cloud. If speed is of the essence, and the data sets are large, restoring locally is best. If that backup isn’t available due to internal network issues, a disk crash, or disaster, you can get your data back from the cloud. And if your users are remote, say in a satellite office, the cloud is probably the best bet to backup your data online.

Local Speed Vault can keep backups in sync even if there are connectivity issues. For instance, if the remote backup is unavailable, say the WAN or Internet connection is down, AllPro Cloud will automatically cache your data, and update the remote backup location when the network comes back up, keeping the two backup copies synchronized.

Start protecting your computer today.