Most subscriptions based services seem like they cost more than what you get out of them. They want you to pay $XX a month and you end up spending the same amount if you just purchased the software to begin with.

This was my mindset when Microsoft launched the Office 365 platform a few years back. What a waste of money! Who would every pay for such a thing!

Office 365 is worth the cost

I was still locked in my 20th century thinking about software purchases, depreciation, and other accounting terms that we wont go into here. I couldn’t see why anyone would want to “rent” software instead of just buying it like we always have.

The rationale becomes quite clear if you are a particular type of computer user. Office 365 is well worth the cost if this is you;

  • You like to be on the latest version of Microsoft office
  • You don’t want to buy office for each computer you own
  • You get tired of keeping up with licenses and switch computers often

The math that makes it a good deal

Office pro is close to $350 retail. If you had 5 computers and you purchased office pro for all 5 that would be a $1750 investment. Using Office 365 you would pay $144 a year ($12 x 12 months) and could install Office on all 5 of your computers. Some quick math and we can see that $1750 / $144 = more than 12 years of usage.

If you don’t want to pull out the calculator $144 x 12 years is only $1728. After 12 years you still saved a few bucks! If you are like the computer user described above, you don’t keep your computer or software nearly that long.  You would have probably paid another $1750 x 2 for 2 newer versions of office before 12 years ticks by.

The icing on the cake

Your Office 365 subscription also works on a Macintosh. So if you have a desktop, a laptop, and a Macbook, you can install office on all 3 for $12 / month. If you had a desktop, another desktop, 2 laptops, and a iMac, you could install office on all 5 for $12 / month.

When the new version of office comes out, you can upgrade free of charge. Never be on an old version of office ever again.

You can activate and deactivate devices from your account as you wish. Get a new machine, remove the old, one, install on a loner machine if necessary. Office 365 is powerful and flexible enough to suit all your needs.

How to get started

Contact us and we’ll setup your account. It only takes a few hours to get a link to download and install the latest office version on your desktops, laptop, or Mac!