You don’t have to travel far before noticing a free WiFi sign. They are at bars, coffee shops, gyms, salons, restaurants, and other public places. People love the free WiFi sign because it means free access to the internet.

Conversely, business love to provide free WiFi for their customers. It may determine where a big group chooses to gather, bring in additional customers, or be the deciding factor of where a customer does business.

What we see most often is a business owner running down to the closest electronics store, buying a residential grade wireless router, setting it up, and giving the password out (or setting it with no password.)

While this may provide the free WiFi you were hoping for, it is not free if the cost is a hacked network or having to fix a virus infection. You could also end up in court for exposing your customer information to hackers.

Video Courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission

Most business owners have no idea they just inadvertently exposed their internal computers and servers to the free WiFi users. This creates a serious security risk for your business and your customers. There is a right way to provide free WiFi for your customers.