Computer hard drive warranties slashed
December 30, 2011
John Kippley
January 15, 2012

Brenda Jean

Computers are wonderful, I am old enough to remember life without them.  They are wonderful until they break down.  My first hard drive crash on my desk top was a disaster.   My friend told me about Custom PC, they were able to save my information.  On to laptops and the blue screen of death.  Or the time I plugged something in where it shouldn’t have been plugged and instant black screen.  What started out with me in total panic ended up being painless, I walked in without an appointment and left 15 minutes later with a smile on my face.  Kamel also takes care of us at work. Things never crash at work at a good time. He has always shows up and saves the day.  I would recommend, as I first was, to call Custom PC.