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August 8, 2011
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September 11, 2011

Donna Bollmer

Service: The screen on the laptop cracked and needed to be replaced.

My son was returning to college in one week and needed the repair done quickly.  He went to one of the big box stores and they told him the part would take 10-14 days to order, and cost $200-300.  I looked on Angies List and saw this repair service, and told my son to try them.  He went on one day; they called him the next day and quoted him a price, and said it might take a couple of days if they didn’t have the correct screen in stock.  They called him the next day, and said they had his laptop done, and apologized because the price was $10 over the quote.  The repair person said they had a screen in stock which was a better grade, and since my son needed the computer, he used it.  My son was very happy to pay the extra $10.00.  He said the screen was better than the original.